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What Is the Solution to Abortion?

What Is the Solution to Abortion?

by Jake and Dominic MacAulay

Following the recent series of debates, the issue of child abortion has once again resurfaced. Continuing the usual trend of conservative rhetoric, the Republican party is, in speech and theory, opposed to abortion, promising to bring a swift end to the practice.


Such promises have developed an association between Republicans and pro-life decisions, prompting many people to blindly vote for anyone sporting the Republican title. However, it would appear that these righteous and constitutional promises have all been made without the proper action to support them.


Sure, some minor oppositions to abortion have come from these candidates, but there has really been no concrete change. Abortion is still assumed and carried out under the color of law.


This normalization of a criminal act that directly defies the words, “all men are created equal,” largely began with the Supreme Court opinion in Roe v. Wade which is now confused as law. The decision of the Supreme Court to ignore the written law and pretend to overrule its writing has resulted in the unborn’s right to life being completely disregarded in the public eye.


But does the Supreme Court’s opinion even carry legal weight outside of that particular case?


Well, there are two reasons that it absolutely does not. First, the Supreme Court has a very specific duty: Apply the law. The Constitution specifically designates All legislative Powers” to be given to Congress leaving no lawmaking authority to the Judicial branch.


The second reason is that any law made in addition to the Constitution cannot exist in contradiction to its basic principles. The 5th amendment to the Constitution states that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” This judicial opinion is an act of direct contradiction to an affirmed right which is given by God and protected by the Government, rendering it void in the legal realm.


So, if this opinion from the courts is not even legal to begin with, why is it still treated as so despite the Republican party holding the majority in the Supreme court for almost the entirety of the past fifty years?


This is because hope cannot be found in a simple political party. Just because a candidate is Republican does not in any way guarantee that they will be active in the direction they should. Voting for a candidate must be a decision based on the principles and actions of each person concerned.


But what type of action should be taken against these corrupt patterns of pretended legislation? Michael Anthony Peroutka gave a precise series of actions the President can do to quickly rid this country of these atrocities:


Prohibit public and federal funding of any and all abortion organizations as well as any organizations that advocate or perform these abortions.

As the President, direct your attorney general to find and prosecute every single abortion clinic in America on the grounds of child slaughter.

And lastly, encourage state and local officials to do the same.


In the end, no political party is the answer. A firm admission of the God-given right to life and action to follow this admission is the only thing that can correctly right this wrong. That is why it is imperative that we demand candidates of Biblical constitutional principals and actions, and stop blindly trusting any particular party or party candidate to fix the atrocities that exist due to our negligence to our Creator and the Constitution.


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