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by Michael Peroutka


Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been convicted and sentenced to prison for child abuse.

The late Penn State coach Joe Paterno has been discredited and disparaged for his failure to stop Sandusky from performing sex acts with children.

Likewise Pennsylvania State University has been sharply criticized and sanctioned by the NCAA for the lack of institutional safeguards which supposedly would have prevented the deviant sexual behavior from continuing for such a long period of time.

While not defending Sandusky’s deviant behavior, I must admit to being confused about what I haven’t heard.

Am I correct that none of the victims that have come forward describing inappropriate sexual behavior by Sandusky are female?

And if none of the victims are female, then doesn’t it follow that all of the filthy, ugly, victimization of children is, therefore, homosexual in nature? 

And isn’t the same also true of virtually all abuse accusations during the last two decades against Roman Catholic priests? 

So, isn’t it clear that at the bottom of all these tragic events -- all the sinful, painful damage to young lives – we find the practice of homosexuality?

Am I missing something?  In all the massive media coverage of these events, I’ve never heard anyone point this out.

Do you find it curious that a culture exhibits such outrage at Sandusky and Paterno and Penn State, when the same culture promotes the very perversion – the very same abomination -- that Sandusky practices and that Paterno and Penn State are criticized for not stopping?

Despite what you have been hearing, the practice of homosexuality still violates the law.  In the Primary Law Book, this is clearly set forth in Leviticus 18:22 just prior to the condemnation of the practice of bestiality. 

As our government promotes the normalization of depravity, don’t we see depraved consequences becoming the norm?

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