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Training Up Nazis

Training Up Nazis

by Michael Peroutka

There are many who are calling for the public schools to reopen.  I am not among them.  Here is why.

When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, the atrocities of the Nazi regime were fresh in the minds of the generation that preceded mine.

I recall quite clearly my parents and grandparents discussing and wondering how the German people could have countenanced the brutal and inhuman treatment of fellow human beings.

They were also stunned by the proclivity of civilized people to be turned against each other and to spy on and inform on each other, destroying trust and comity in the community.

As my parents and uncles and aunts discussed these things, there was an overarching presupposition that this could not happen in America.  Such behavior on the part of the citizenry was, well, foreign to America.

If my elder relatives were alive today, they would be stunned and disappointed that their descendants have acceded to a foreign way of thinking.

In the past few months, Americans have allowed themselves to be frightened and propagandized into a Nazi-like mindset that is foreign to our heritage and our Constitutional system of law and jurisprudence. Constitutional thinking and common sense have abandoned us as we conform to unlawful orders to hide our faces, compromise our breathing, keep needless distances from one another, subject ourselves to the dictates of unelected so-called medical experts.

And, like good little Nazis, we try to shame those who are exercising and defending liberty. 

There are many culprits.  But high among them is the Godless, Marxist indoctrination of the public school system.

My parents’ generation made a mistake by allowing the government to set the agenda for their children’s learning.  They have produced a Nazi-accepting culture.

Reopen America, but keep the government run schools closed.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka for Institute on the Constitution bringing you The American View.