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by Michael Peroutka

In the American View of law and government, when God created the world, He created our rights at the very same time.  It was somewhat later, after the flood that he instituted civil government (what we now call the State) for the purpose of defending those rights that He had previously given.

Later still, as part of His redemptive plan for a fallen and sinful mankind, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and fully God Himself, instituted the Church, of which He is the Head.

Now the church and the state are separate entities and they have separate functions, and separate jurisdictions.  (For example, Hillary Clinton has no authority to administer the Sacraments.)  But since both of these institutions are instituted by God, neither is separate from Him.

So, you see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a State official acknowledging the authority and the Word of God as authoritative and controlling in the civil affairs of men. 

Actually, quite the opposite is true.  No State action or law is valid unless it conforms to God’s law and His Will.  This is precisely why the primary document of the American political view begins with the acknowledgment of God’s authority as expressed in the phrase “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”.

God is the authority over both the jurisdiction of the Church and the jurisdiction of the State.  They are therefore, separate from each other, in terms of their function, but they are NOT separated from Him, for He is their Source of Authority.

So, prayer and Bible reading and Bible influence in civil government is totally, perfectly, American and totally legal.

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