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The Virus Agenda is The Bigger Enemy

The Virus Agenda is The Bigger Enemy

by Jake MacAulay

Following the ever-changing stats of COVID-19 are as confusing as finding the truth about the health of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.


While the state of Pennsylvania was forced to remove hundreds of deaths from its official coronavirus death count after glaring errors in the state's counting methodology were discovered, many across America are growing more skeptical of information regarding the virus agenda.


I have personally received correspondences from irate individuals who can’t even believe that I would question the actions and agendas of numerous government officials and agencies, calling them unconstitutional. Statements like this one:


I would have no problem if you fools worried about your "freedom" all went out and got COVID. If only you could sign a form stating that you revoke your right to have medical treatment based on your cavalier antics and refusal to abide by CDC and medical professionals' advice.


But didn’t Thomas Jefferson say, “In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution?"


So isn’t our duty as Americans to question these government officials?


For example, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued an executive order banning large gatherings requiring residents to stay at home. Under the order, 15 men were arrested for attending a synagogue service. During a Fox News interviewwith Tucker Carlson, Gov. Murphy was asked about his constitutional basis for his order that led to the arrest of the 15 men. Gov. Murphy said:


That's above my pay grade, Tucker. I wasn't thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this (executive order). … We looked at all the data and the science, and it says people have to stay away from each other.


So, not only are they not considering the Constitution, they don’t get paid enough to know it?


How about the First Amendment protection of religious exercise?


Louisiana pastor Tony Spell, who leads Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, was placed on house arrest and fitted with an ankle-monitoring device last week for refusing to suspend church services amid the coronavirus crisis.


This morning on, I read about two women were arrested in Laredo, Texas, after they were caught running a beauty salon inside their homes.


The women were arrested during an undercover sting operation by the Laredo Police Department [who] were informed of the activities through an anonymous tip sent to the Laredo Police Department mobile app on April 15.


So the arresting cops were part of the COVID-19 task force enforcement detail where they set up an appointment for a cosmetic, beauty service that is prohibited under the emergence ordinance?




Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia, age 31 allegedly agreed to provide an undercover officer with a manicure. She was charged with "Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B," and was taken to the Webb County Jail for booking, where she was held on a $500 bond.


Similarly, Brenda Stephany Mata, 20, was arrested after she reportedly agreed to perform eyelash service inside her home for an undercover cop.


I want to be clear; my intention is not simply to silence my adversaries by using my microphone to slam them. That would be a lack of self-government and it rises out of a competitive rivalry. To quote Michael Anthony Peroutka, “You haven’t converted a man just because you silenced him.”


We need to realize the enemy is the agenda-driven politics that breed fear and division.


Growing up on the basketball court, we would play shirts and skins in order to identify teams. While that is a good strategy for competition, it is not the strategy for America; being Constitutional is, that keeps us all on the same team.