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by Michael Peroutka


The recent debate between the president and state governors could have been moderated by Rod Serling because it’s right out of the “Twilight Zone”


In a recent tweet, the president said that he has sole authority to “reopen the economy.”


This brought a strong reaction from several governors who claimed that the Constitution gives them the authority to “reopen the economy”.


Sorry, but there exists no Constitutional authority to “close the economy” in the first place.


Despite what you hear from “constitution experts” on the TV, no president or governor or health department official has the authority to suspend the constitution [by ordering people not to congregate, or by closing businesses, or by falsely imprisoning people in their homes].


The TV legal experts usually speak of “balancing” individual rights against government interests with words like “compelling state interest” and “least restrictive means”.  But this is a false pretext. The Constitution doesn’t contemplate any “balancing”. 


[Unless you are convicted of a crime by a jury of your peers, your constitutional rights are absolute. And it’s the governors’ sworn duty to protect these rights, not to violate them.]


Regrettably, many modern Americans know almost nothing about the Constitution, or American history, or about the Source and nature of law.


[The culprits responsible for this shameful situation include at least the public schools, the “managed media”, career politicians, cowardly pastors, and a lazy citizenry.]


To address this problem, the Institute on the Constitution publishes free educational materials that you can access at


Finally, please consider this: Since no one has the lawful authority to “close the economy”, the economy is now, and has always been, “open”. 


It’s time to leave the Twilight Zone and get back to work.


This is Michael Anthony Peroutka for Institute on the Constitution, bringing you The American View.