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The Tragedy of America Playing Make-Believe

The Tragedy of America Playing Make-Believe

by Jake MacAulay

Some things are real. Some things are make-believe. Knowing the difference is critically, crucially important.

If I told you that you could safely drive off a 100-foot cliff at 80 miles an hour because your car would simply float lazily to the earth, I would be telling you something that is not real. If you followed my advice, you would be acting very dangerously and suffer great harm – probably fatal harm. The example I just used is easy to agree with because the physical laws of the universe, like the laws governing gravity and motion, are quite easy for us to discern; but what about the moral laws of the universe?

If you, perchance, have swallowed the notion that these moral laws don’t exist; or that you can invent them and discard them at your will; or if you think that only the ones that you happen to believe in actually apply to you, then you may be careening carelessly toward that cliff.

You see, you don’t break the rules; the rules break you. We would do well to remember that this is true not just for us as individuals, but also for our community and our country.

In my lifetime, my country has allowed the murder of over 50 million of its own children.

In my lifetime, my country has invaded other nation states that did not invade or threaten to invade these United States; and in the process, killing and maiming thousands of American troops and countless innocent occupants of those places.

In my lifetime, my country has allowed its president, its legislature and its courts to lie and steal and commit treason with impunity.

In my lifetime, my country has debased its currency by printing trillions of worthless Federal Reserve Notes that are backed by nothing but foolishness.

Lastly, the law schools of my country have produced thousands of attorneys who have NOT been taught the true Source and nature of law. Many of these are now judges and politicians.

These actions on the part of my country indicate that we are no longer acting in accordance with reality. It is not real to think that a person, or a people, can do these things without disastrous consequences.

Shouldn’t we pay attention to what our founding documents declare? When God made the world he made physical and moral laws. To think or to act as if they don’t exist is make-believe…dangerous…deadly.


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