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The Most Lethal Weapon

 by Michael Peroutka


In the course of my years on this earth, I have been blessed with a loving and caring family, as well as many friends whose opinions and judgment I rely upon.

But I must admit that the events of this past year have placed a massive strain on many cherished relationships. 

I am becoming more convinced that we are experiencing a mass hysteria—an act of war--which has been purposely and demonically inflicted by enemies of our Constitutional Republic and the Biblical worldview on which it was founded.

For example, I am astonished to hear friends tell me that they have voluntarily submitted to a Covid-19 vaccination (which is not, by the way, a vaccination, but rather an experimental gene therapy).

When I ask them to please tell me why they would submit to an untested procedure when they already enjoy a 99.99% survival rate;

Or when I ask why they would continue to follow the advice of Governors who have deprived them of their right to travel, to assemble and to worship;

Or why they would trust talking heads like Fauci and Gates, who have repeatedly lied, misrepresented, and censored data and opinions that conflict with their narrative…

My friends and loved ones, effectively, have no answer.

Mostly, they just want to change the subject.

Sometimes, they admit that they just want to be able to travel and get back to normal.

But it should be clear by now, that those who have inflicted these lawless lockdowns and insane mask mandates have no intention of letting us get back to normal.

It comes down to this:

People mindlessly got the shot simply because…

…the television told them to.

Friends, and fellow Americans:

We are in the middle of a war, and our enemy’s most lethal weapon is right in our living room.

This is Michael Anthony Peroutka for Institute on the Constitution bringing you The American View.