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The BLM Takeover of NY Public Schools: Promoting Black Panther Agenda

The BLM Takeover of NY Public Schools: Promoting Black Panther Agenda

by Jake MacAulay

The events of the past few months have been perilously traumatic on the American people. With reports of police brutality, protesting, rioting, and the recurring topic of racism in America, the attention of the American people has been captivated and a new regime has begun to undermine the principle of Americas founding.


Saul Alinsky, an activist and political theorist in the 60s and 70s was most notably known for his book, Rules for Radicals. After giving an acknowledgment to Lucifer in the front pages of the book, Alinsky wrote:


"The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community, …fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression, …stir up dissatisfaction and discontent, and …search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them."


Unsurprisingly, Alinsky was exactly right in his statements, and, unfortunately, this has become the case in modern America. With the rapid escalation of racial issues and so many opting towards divided chaos and destruction rather than a firm and united voice against injustice, it is easily realized that Alinskys teachings are increasingly effective.


Recently, I received an email titled, The Black Panthers: Ten Point Program” containing a list of new learning point demands BLM will be introducing into the New York Public high schools curriculum.


The ten points listed by the Black Panthers were essentially a We want this” list directed towards the government to ensure a free cost of living to every black individual underneath its jurisdiction.


Commodities such as food, housing, health care, land, clothing, education, employment or a guaranteed income, and just” compensation for years of injustice are not just asked, but demanded of the government to be given to all black communities in America. In addition to the fulfillment of every need and the many wants of the Black Panthers, an end to Americas Capitalist free government is especially required.


Aside from teaching the outrageous demands of the Black Panthers, high school teachers are additionally encouraged to ask the students leading questions pertaining to the benefits” of Socialism and the justification of violent crime.


This program is an outright attack on the founding of America, demanding a departure from its Capitalist free economy and not only justifying, but promoting the evil acts of violence suffered on the innocent American people as if they are deserved.


Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the greatest and most respected civil rights activists of his time, stated many times in his teachings that bitterness, hatred, and violence was to be despised and would do nothing but create more problems than before. In addition, he firmly stood against those who ignored the many pressing issues surrounding them.


Rather, the Reverend decisively positioned himself against both the complacent and the destructive, opting rather towards the more excellent way of love and non-violent protest.”


Instead of adhering to these principles, BLM has assumed the position MLK described as the black nationalist” and has acted in the extreme with the destruction of private property and now implementation of narcissistic and violent education.


Now is the time for us in America to follow in Rev. Kings footsteps and not be complacent in this time of numerous injustices, but stand firm against them while remaining true to the underlying principles of peace America was founded upon, and not let the violent passions of others become the means by which we base our current life.


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