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Suggested Letter to Your State Agencies

Suggested Letter to Your State Agencies
by Michael Peroutka

The following is a rough draft of a letter that could be directed to State regulatory agencies if there were concern that they might come into the county to violate the rights of some of constituents:


Dear ___________ State Agency:

I believe in working with all federal, state, and local agencies to achieve peace and prosperity for the people we all work for. Indeed, the people pay all of our salaries and as such, each of us has promised them in solemn oath, to protect and defend their God given rights. No public official has the authority to suspend the Constitution, State or Federal, in the name of public safety. No public official has the authority to suspend liberty or the civil rights of the people and then pretend that doing so is for their own good. This is wrong and immoral. It is the antithesis of American idealism.


It has come to my attention that several people in my county are facing bankruptcy and cannot pay their bills. In a matter of days some of these good people will be facing foreclosures on their homes and businesses. Therefore, they are reopening their stores. I know these people. They are my neighbors. I have compassion for them and their dire circumstances. I am asking you to do likewise.


Thus, my reason for this letter. I trust that each business is conducting their affairs in a safe manner. I will expect that none of your regulators will harass or annoy any of these good people. I also will not allow any of these business owners to be arrested, cited, or shut down. This is still America and the rights of all citizens must be protected without exception. The Declaration of Independence states the purpose for which all of us in government exist, "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."


I will also trust that none of these good people will have their liquor licenses revoked or any other licenses that are necessary for the successful management of their businesses. Please check with me if you feel a need to come check on these establishments. I will accompany you to any or all of them.


Your cooperation will be very much appreciated. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


                             County Sheriff