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by Michael Peroutka


I saw something today that just can’t go by without comment

I learned today that Supreme Court Justice Steven G. Breyer has just written a new book.

Before I tell you the title let me remind you that Steven Breyer once served as a clerk for a Supreme Court Justice

Breyer was also an assistant for 2 U.S. Attorneys general

He was a professor of law at Harvard University for over 25 years.

Breyer was also a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

He served as special counsel and later as chief counsel for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Breyer was an associate justice and later the chief justice of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals

Breyer was a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission


In May of 1994 Bill Clinton nominated Breyer to replace Harry Blackmun

He faced very little controversy and was approved by the Senate  by a vote of 87-9.

Now, as you know, the form of government guaranteed by the united states constitution is a REPUBLIC.  Nowhere in the constitution does the word “DEMOCRACY” appear. It’s also not in the DOI.  In fact our founders were very specific to avoid democracy because they saw it as a dangerous form of government that did not protect the rights of minorities.


Now the title of Breyer’s new book:  Ready – “MAKING OUR DEMOCRACY WORK: A JUDGE’s VIEW”

Now could it be that, in all his vast legal and governmental experience, Steven Breyer never learned our form of government?  Could it be that he is either ignorant of the entire scheme of American law and history or maybe he is just got old and forgetful?

Do you really think that the title, which would flunk a fourth grade civics test, is an accident or maybe a typo?

Me neither.

Does this make you wonder if there isn’t some other deeper agenda at work here, perhaps an agenda that encourages Americans to forget that a constitutional republic recognizes a Creator God as the Source of law and a democracy doesn’t?

Me, too.


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