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Standing Trial for a “Face-mask Crime” That Does Not Exist

Standing Trial for a “Face-mask Crime” That Does Not Exist

by Jake MacAulay

The World Health Organization has recently confirmed that the Covid-19 PCR test is a flawed procedure. This means that all the estimates of “Positive Cases”, which you have been hearing about incessantly for more than a year now are, at best, inconsequential and, at worst, totally meaningless.


Now, you have probably been very suspect of the motives of Fauci, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the mainstream managed media, with their overbearing and desperate censorship of anyone or anything that challenged or even criticized their narrative.


But now it is publicly admitted by its WHO perpetrators.


But, as we have said here before, constitutionally, lawfully, all this does not (and never did) matter.


The supreme law of every state is the State Constitution. Every elected official - every law enforcement officer - every judge -  every civil servant - every citizen - everyone is subject to its terms. No one is exempt. No circumstance - No emergency - No pandemic provides justification for any public officer to set aside or suspend its application.


But, there are some in our country like Harford County Sheriff, Jeff Gahler, and Assistant State’s Attorney, Logan Hayes, who think that the law that applies to the rest of us does not apply to them.


I say this because, when a law-abiding citizen named Dan Swain peaceably walked into his polling place last Election Day to cast his vote without wearing a face mask, he was arrested by Sheriff’s deputies, subsequently charged by the State’s Attorney, and was put on trial for disobeying a law that did not exist. In fact, during the course of the trial the states attorney put forth no evidence for failure to wear a face-mask.


This, of course, is not surprising because there exists no “face-mask law.”


Now, the Constitution of the state of Maryland clearly sets forth and describes a process for the enactment of legislation. (Article III, Sec. 29, 30, 31).


And to date there has not been an enactment by the Maryland General Assembly requiring anyone, anywhere, at any time, to wear a face-mask of any kind.


But that didn’t seem to matter to the Harford County Prosecutor, Miss Logan Hayes, who has reportedly said that she wants to make an example of Mr. Swain.




Well, my speculation is that she doesn’t want Mr. Swain (or me or you) to challenge the lawless tyranny of a governor who pretends, by use of Executive Order, to exercise authority he doesn’t have.


Since only legislature can make law, any governor’s face mask order is an obvious breach of his/her constitutional authority. It is not law.


So, Dan Swain stood trial for a crime that does not exist.


What does exist – what is taking place before our eyes - is a crime against the constitution by a lawless governor and his junior commissars in Harford County.


In conclusion, even if the whole pandemic was NOT erroneously handled and purported, the Constitution - the rule of law – is not affected by “pandemics,” or any other emergencies or circumstances. 


The people, like Dan Swain, whose rights have been criminally violated by governors, police, health department officials and others, have a right and a duty to seek justice. 


As the false narrative is unravelling, this very well may occur.


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