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So Just What Are Gay Rights?

So Just What Are Gay Rights?

by Jake MacAulay

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a conference with Dr. Ben Carson, a possible Presidential candidate, and I had a chance to learn more about him and his views. Dr. Carson was the leading pediatric neurosurgeon in the world – he was not just able to perform brain surgery but was gifted with the skills that earned him international acclaim.


He is a powerful and knowledgeable speaker who clearly articulates a strong pro-marriage and sexual ethics stance that I believe are aligned with the principles of our Founders.


Recently, Sean Hannity interviewed Dr. Carson and as a result Dr. Carson received a lot of criticism for his pro-family values.


During the interview, he stated,

“I simply have decided I am not really going to talk about that (homosexual rights) issue any more…”


Many pro-marriage advocates are criticizing his statement, but I am not one of them.  Many of these faultfinders may feel that I am abandoning traditional marriage but in truth and fact “gay rights” simply do not exist! Therefore, it is logical not to discuss something that does not exist.


Before I begin this exposition, I am going to use the proper term “homosexual”, for what the mainstream media calls “gay”.  Again I want to clearly state, there are no such things as homosexual rights! Now that I have your full attention – let’s begin.


First of all, what is a right?


Where do rights come from?


At what point does one receive rights?


How are rights protected?


And what law is used to protect Homosexual acts?


First, what is a right?  Noah Webster defines it as a

“Just claim; immunity; privilege. All men have a right to the secure enjoyment of life, personal safety, liberty and property.”  It can also be understood as “Authority; legal power”.


The Constitution asserts rights cannot be deprived or disparaged without conviction of a crime or just compensation and only the individual has the authority to relinquish these rights.


Our second question, where do these rights come from? God created man “in His own image” and we are “endowed by our Creator (God) with certain unalienable Rights...”.


Third, at what point does one receive rights? The Declaration of Independence postulates “All men are Created equal...endowed with (these) certain unalienable rights”, which means our rights are innate and universal.


How our rights are protected is answered very succinctly - Law.


Just a couple of examples. God gave us the right to life and protected that right with His Law “Thou shalt not murder”.  He gave us the right to property and protected it by saying “Thou shalt not steal”.


Now the law is only words without force to back it up. So just who did God ordain to enforce that law?  In His design He distributed this authority - for the individual it is each of us; for the family it is the father and mother; for the church it is the elders; and, for collective society it is the civil government.  In the Bible, Romans 13 states “the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” Government is God’s minister to you for good and the Declaration of Independence confirms that by saying “That to secure these (God-given) rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”.


So just what Law is used to protect homosexuality?


None. There is no right to homosexuality in English Common Law, which is the basis for our legal system (Amendment VII, U.S. Bill of Rights).


So if there is no Law protecting homosexual acts, then there is no God-given right to commit these acts.  So you see there is no such thing as a “homosexual right”.


On the other hand if homosexual rights can be invented by society, then the force of law will inevitably be used to protect this “imagined right”.


The Force of Law would then be used against the Law and our God-given rights.  Isn’t that what this is really about?