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Should We Treat Congress Like an NFL Franchise in Terms of Winning and Spending?

Should We Treat Congress Like an NFL Franchise in Terms of Winning and Spending?

by Jake MacAulay

The massive $1.3 trillion spending bill produced by Republicans and advocated by many Democrats passed early this past Friday morning.


Appallingly, none of the lawmakers from the House or Senate who voted for or against the bill had time to read all the way through this 2,200-page bill they received at midnight the day it was passed.


Americans have been betrayed by both parties into more unconstitutional spending and debt.


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul explained, "When the Republicans are out of power, they are the conservative party. But then when they get in the majority, there is no conservative party. Democrats don't care about spending any of the time. Republicans seem to care about it when they are criticizing Democrats.

“Republicans are not fiscally conservative on the military. They want unlimited spending on the military. Democrats say, we'll give it to you. We're not really opposed to it. We'll give you the military spending if you give us the domestic spending. So really, the unholy alliance, the unholy compromise has been going on for decades..."


Let me explain what I believe the good senator means.


Imagine you are the new football coach and I am one of your more talented players.  After practicing hard all week, you put me in as your starting quarterback.  On the very first series of downs, I throw a pass directly to the middle linebacker who intercepts and takes the ball to the end zone.


Well, now we are down seven to zip, but you pat me on the back and encourage me as I trot back out to the huddle.


On first and ten from our own 20-yard line, you see me take the snap, and then take a knee for a three-yard loss.  You call a time out and ask me why I did that.  I explain to you that this is an away game and the great majority of the fans in the stadium are cheering for the other team. I tell you that I am just trying to please them because I want our team to be well-liked.


Next time we get the ball, you watch in horror as I actually hand the ball off to a defensive lineman as he passes through our backfield on the way to another touchdown for our opponents.  Moreover, now you realize that nobody on our team seriously tried to stop him.


At some point, aren’t you going to wonder whether I’m really on your side?  And aren’t you going to eventually question the real motivation of our team?  If, time after time, our actions indicate that we are helping the opponent’s cause, won’t you eventually conclude that we are not on your side?


In the same way, when so-called “conservatives” only half-heartedly oppose the immoral actions of unconstitutional “liberals,” do you start to wonder where their commitment really lies?  If conservatism really amounts to nothing more than handing the ball to the other team and purposely losing the game, then how is conservatism any different from its supposed opposite? 


If we want to advance the cause of liberty, do we need new players?  Or are you thinking that we need a whole new team?