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by Michael Peroutka

Most Americans who care about their country know that there is something very wrong with its civil government. 

Many would agree that we are losing the rule of law.

No matter whether we elect Democrats or Republicans, the steady march away from lawful government continues.

In recent commentaries, I have pointed out that if we elect Romney and Ryan, their voting records and their statements indicate that they will continue this march toward lawlessness.  Both have more than demonstrated their “welfare state” credentials, and this week, despite his touted pro-life record, Mr. Ryan said he is “comfortable” with Mr. Romney’s position that babies can be murdered if the health of the mother is involved.

Some have asked me if I am saying you should vote for Obama.

My answer is: “Of course not.”

What I am saying is this:

  • There are moral and legal qualifications we should insist on anyone who seeks office.
  • Neither Mr. Obama NOR Romney meet these qualification.

So, I am saying that neither of these men are worthy of your vote nor are they worthy of the office they seek.

I am saying that it’s a “heads I win; tails you lose”, type of game.  And I’m saying you shouldn’t play it because you can’t win it.

And I’m saying you can’t win it because it is a rigged game.

Recently, a man named Daniel Greenfield wrote a piece that describes this situation quite well.  It’s titled “The Moderate Paradigm”. 

Nationally syndicated talk show host Steve Deace called Greenfield’s piece the “blog of the year”.

Please read “The Moderate Paradigm”.  You can link to it from if you like.

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 I’m suggesting that Mr. Romney has been chosen by those who rig the game to be your “choice” if you don’t like Obama.  But if you vote for Mr. Romney, you will get all of Mr. Obama’s lawless, liberal policies remade into conservative talking points.

If you agree or even if you disagree, promise me that you will take five minutes and read a brief essay published just last week by a man named Daniel Greenfield.  It is entitled “The Moderate Paradigm”.

Nationally syndicated talk show host Steve Deace says Greenfield’s piece is the “blog of the year”.  He is right.  Read it and gain understanding.

This is MAP for IOTC bringing you TAV.