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by Michael Peroutka

Does it seem to you like no matter what candidate you vote for and no matter who gets elected, nothing ever changes for the good?

In fact, doesn’t it seem like no matter if we elect Republicans or Democrats, or liberals or conservatives, or right wingers or left wingers, socialism becomes more entrenched – the welfare state continues to grow exponentially – liberty further diminishes – property rights disappear – the economy weakens – the value of the dollar drops – and on and on?

Are you starting to feel like there might be an aspect or two to this whole government game that is rigged against us? 

Could it be that the Republicans and the Democrats, and the conservatives and the liberals and the left wing and the right wing are really all the same thing?  Are we getting a false shuffle here?  Is it really rigged so that there is only theillusion of a choice, but no real choice at all?

Recently, my brother Stephen and I were conversing with a friend of ours and the friend said that Steve’s political positions were to the right.  In response, Steve said something that stuck with me.  He remarked that the “right” that is opposite of “left” is a meaningless fraud.  “The only ‘right’ that matters”, he said, “is the ‘right’ that is the opposite of ‘wrong’.”

Well, Amen, Brother Stephen. 

If one wants to be right, one need to be morally right.  And this understanding of “right” refers to, and is a consequence of, the acknowledgement of a fixed standard. 

The American View of Law and Government that is reflected in our founding documents, contemplates this kind of moral right -- the “right” that is based on the fixed standard of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God; not the weakly, sickly, sissy “right” that is the pale shadow of the “left” and therefore will never succeed in defeating the leftist, socialist, anti-American agenda.  This is the real “right” -- the only one that matters.

And unless we get real about this, we will never get “right” about it.

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