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Protest: The Key to Restoring Freedom

Protest: The Key to Restoring Freedom
by Dominic MacAulay
Are you wondering what you can do right now to stand against the Tyranny we are now facing at the hands of our Governors?
Well, the beginning steps to putting a stop to an encroaching government is to find likeminded individuals who share the same passion for liberty that you do. Most people discourage themselves when they think that there just are not enough of us to truly make a difference. This, however is simply not true.
Samuel Adams, one of the men who ignited the flame that became the American Revolution, once said, "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
Adams knew this statement to be true. The Sons of Liberty, the men who led the Boston Tea Party, were not a massive army, but rather a small group of individuals amounting to only 116 people who were passionate about their freedoms and were not willing to watch them be taken away.
Once you have gathered together, the next step is to simply stand up and speak against the tyranny plaguing your community. Our Founders recognized the necessity and incredible importance of protesting hence their codifying it into our Bill of Rights in the first Amendment. After all, the Revolution started as a mere protest against the unfair representation the Colonists were suffering. 
Something as small as standing in front of your Capital with signs and chants can quite literally impact the country. All you need is a leader. Someone who will stand in the front of the crowd. You will be amazed with how quickly your fellow Americans will stand behind what they believe. They just need someone to stand up first.
So we at IOTC encourage you to be the leaders. Stand up for what is right. You do not stand alone. Find those who will stand with you and stand against the barrage of tyranny that has swept over our land. The voice of the people will silence the roars of Tyranny. Our founders raised their voices and took action. Let us do the same.