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Property and Liberty are Burning

Property and Liberty are Burning

by Jake MacAulay

While we are watching massive demonstrations of unrest across our country, city governments are disassembling police forces. At the same time, state governments are assembling armies of tracers, informants, and bureaucratic busybodies intent on coming to your home to force you to test or to quarantine or to vaccinate.


Unlike the riotous Marxist armies of Antifa destroying physical property, these armies will be empowered to invade your privacy and to substitute their medical judgment for yours.


Like you, I am confused.


Despite CDC statistics indicating that COVID-19 is not as deadly as advertised and that the lawless lockdown of the economy based on flawed models, state and local governments are not through meddling with your healthcare and your liberty.


The COVID-19 recovery rates among the vast majority of the populace are beyond the 99th percentile. Why do we need to be testing and tracking and mapping and spending resources (we have long ago depleted) to find out who already had it? Just what are we trying to accomplish by this?


If the testing reveals that more people have been exposed than we formerly estimated, doesnt that make the mortality rate even less?


And if the testing reveals that less people have been exposed than we formerly estimated, didnt we succeed in flattening the curve?


But even if we didnt flatten the curve, our hospital systems were still not overrun. So what are we doing?

Tragically many Americans have started to feel relieved because their governors have lifted some of the restrictions on their liberties in a piecemeal fashion.


But complacent acceptance of these table scraps is dangerous and heres why.


In the first place, the nullification of God-given and constitutionally protected liberties by any elected official is a violation of his/her oath of office, and a rejection of the rule of law. It violates the principles of English and American government, which go back at least 800 years -- back to and beyond the Magna Carta.


It appears Americans are facing tyranny today, in 2020, just as they faced it in 1776. At that time the colonies were compelled to acknowledge and declare that King George III, by his repeated and continuous violation of his compact with the people, had broken the bonds, which connected him to them; and them to him.


They declared him unfit” to be their ruler.  They declared that he had un-kinged” himself.


Now consider that many governors, in concert, across these United States have assumed powers not allowed them by the terms of their office and misuse the police power -- which originates from and belongs to We the People” -- to enforce their unlawful edicts, mandates and orders.


Like King George III, they have openly and continuously violated their contract with the people, thus breaking the bonds that connect them to us; and us to them.


They have proven themselves unfit” to govern.  They have un-governored” themselves.


And although a few of these executive officials may be well-intended, we must heed the words of Daniel Webster: The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.”


History testifies that in bondage we burn, but in freedom we flourish. Now more than ever, we must stay freedom-focused.



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