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Professor Shoots Himself on Campus in Protest of Trump, AR-15's, and Malnutrition


Professor Shoots Himself on Campus in Protest of Trump, AR-15's, and Malnutrition 

by Jake MacAulay

This week I have some bathroom humor that is…well, not funny.


Sociology professor Mark J. Bird brought a gun to the College of Southern Nevada, where he is an emeritus professor. Bird proceeded to enter a bathroom and discharged his weapon into the arm of…. himself.


Bird fired the self-inflicted shot to his arm in protest of Trump and his administration’s policies, including the lack of gun-control measures, malnutrition, and pollution. He had also taped a $100 bill to the bathroom’s mirror to compensate the janitor for the bloody mess he made inside the facility.


Police charged Bird with “discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property.”  That is a lot of broken laws.  It seems ironic that a man so concerned about gun-control laws would break so many in order to force lawmakers to create more.


This follows the same mentality of a child who murders both parents and then pleads with the court that he is an orphan.


I am grieved to say that this mentality has made more and more inroads into our culture today. Since there are no lawful measures authorized by God or the Constitution to fulfill our own agendas, we are willing to break the law — thereby harming ourselves — so we can appear to be a victim of “injustice.” We then try to do away with the law in order to protect ourselves more?


Quite literally, we are shooting ourselves in order to protect ourselves.


Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines the term “derangement” as a “disorder of the intellect or reason; delirium; insanity; as a derangement of the mental organs.”  I only bring this meaning up because I think we all fall victims to this mentality if there were not an independent standard of right and wrong; something our founding fathers called self-evident truths.


Let me explain:


Our Creator, the God of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, created each human being in His image; and He endowed us with unalienable rights of life, liberty, property, and the ability to pursue the happiness of virtue. After sin entered His creation, the need to protect those inestimable rights was now essential; and the Creator assigned certain Laws of Nature that would protect those rights. To break this law is nothing short of war against God and His creation.


The Law is never and can never be used to attack or deny our God-given rights in order to expand them. That would be like shooting yourself to protect yourself.


In this case, the gun was not the problem; the gun is innocent and so is the God-given, Constitutional Second Amendment right to self-defense.


Violence was in the heart of Mr. Bird, along with so many in America today who war against God, and the consequences are tragically self-inflicting.


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