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PRESS RELEASE: The Save Our Children from Medical Experimentation Act

NASHVILLE, TN – October 31, 2022 [The Constitution Study] — The Constitution Study is proud to announce the release of draft legislation designed to help states protect our children from medical experimentation, especially when promoted by the federal bureaucracy.

The recent actions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adding the mRNA based COVID-19 “vaccines” to their child and adolescent immunization schedule is not only medically unsound, but a violation of medical ethics. None of the COVID-19 vaccines available within the United States have been fully tested or licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Rather, they are available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Meaning they are still experimental. The CDC’s schedule of immunizations is used by many schools and youth programs as a prerequisite for participation. This means any school or program that requires parents to have their children vaccinated on the CDC’s schedule is coercing them to have their children participate in human medical experimentation. Coercing people to use experimental products is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

For this reason, The Constitution Study drafted sample legislation titled The Save Our Children from Medical Experimentation Act. The act has two major points, to prohibit state actors from requiring the use of the CDC’s childhood immunization schedule, and to prohibit them from requiring the use of a product available under an Emergency Use Authorization in order to attend or participate in a state run or funded activity or event. A copy of the sample legislation can be downloaded here.

Paul Engel has written an article and recorded a video about the CDC’s recent actions and this sample legislation, which can be found here. Paul Engel is available for comment or interviews on this subject, or any constitutional questions.

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