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Obama’s Healthy Communities, the Anti-thesis of America

Obama’s Healthy Communities, the Anti-thesis of America

by Jake MacAulay

Barack Obama made the following statement regarding the White House’s “Healthy Communities Challenge,” where 20 cities with low numbers of insured Americans compete against one another to see which community can sign the most people up for health insurance.


“I’ll come visit the city that enrolls the highest percentage of folks who aren’t covered right now. That’s a promise…After all, this country’s at its best when we look out for each other.”


“This is reality,” said Obama, “This is healthcare in America, and the bottom line is, Americans like it. They’re happy with their plans, and they’re happy with their premiums.”


According to an aggregate of polling data from Real Clear Politics, 49.5 percent of Americans are against the healthcare law as opposed to the 42.3 percent who are in favor of the law.


Many claim that the Obama scheme is a disaster and a very bad idea for America’s future. They say it will bring much debt, suffering, sickness and death for you and for your family.


I agree that it is a bad plan and an unconstitutional plan. But these are not the same thing.


To say that something is a bad idea and to say it is unconstitutional is to say two different things. Let me explain…


Suppose you invite me to your house for dinner and while I’m there I notice that your window treatments are shabby and that your furniture does not match your wall colors. So, the next day, while you’re not at home, I break into your house and change the windows and the walls. For the sake of argument, let’s say I actually make it look better than it did before I broke in. I’m still guilty of the crime of breaking and entering and trespass.


Do you see that even if it was a good idea to change the décor, it was a crime because it was outside of my authority to do it?


The talking heads and millions of others are screaming that the government takeover of the health care system is a very bad idea, and they are right. But even if it was a good idea, it would be a criminal scheme all the same, because the Constitution provides no authority for the federal government to involve itself in “health care” or in “health care financing” or in “insurance” of any kind. 


The operative clauses to look up here are Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution, as well as the Tenth Amendment. It will only take you about six minutes to read and understand that Obamacare is more than just a bad idea for American health care. It is a dangerous and tyrannical trespass into American homes and lives. 


All the smoke and mirrors about what “Obamacare” costs and what it will, or will not, provide are irrelevant.  “Obamacare” will not work because it cannot work.


Simply put, there is no right way to do a wrong thing.