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November 2017 Elections: What Should Republicans Do Now?

November 2017 Elections: What Should Republicans Do Now?

by Michael Peroutka



With the recent victories by Democrats in the November 2017 elections, there is much talk about what republicans should learn from this and what they should do now.


One argument is that Republicans must more clearly "embrace Trump".  That is, they should align themselves with the President and demonstrate their allegiance to his policies and his persona.


Others say that it’s time for Republicans to distance themselves from "The Donald" and seek to win more support from liberals and independents.


It might not surprise you that I, too, have an opinion to share.


Here goes:


"The Donald" is not the standard.  Neither, of course, is “The Hillary”.


The allegiance of anyone who holds or desires to hold elective office should be to the Constitution and to the Moral Law.


Nobody takes an oath of office promising to obey the President.


The Oath is to preserve and protect The Constitution.  And the Oath is before God.


These are the standards:  One is eternal - the other is temporal.


This is the place to stand.  


It may sound simplistic but I believe people voted for Trump because they were tired of the abuse of a godless and corrupt regime.


But the new regime of republicans have shown themselves largely to be just as bad as those they replaced.


And so, the frustrated people, looking for honest, decent Constitutional and God-fearing government…are still looking.


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