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New Normal? NOT Necessary!

By Attorney Michael Peroutka 

In a recent post a friend of mine was chastising herself. She said she should have seen this coming... 

The phrase “new normal”, injected so early and so often by medical experts and media and politicians, was a signal of underlying, ulterior motives and should have alerted her to potential villainy.

With a growing skepticism, she now asks,

“How did they all know back in January that the “old normal” was extinct? 

And how did Anthony Fauci know back in 2017 that there would be a “surprise” viral attack during the Trump administration?

It clearly wasn’t a surprise to him…"

She is infuriated when she considers that the lockdowns and the loss of livelihood and liberty may have been anticipated; and that the social distancing and face masking serve no medical purpose but seem designed to take advantage of the good nature and self-sacrificing predisposition of the American people. 

But now as our Governor delays the restoration of economic and religious liberty and adds more conditions based on more fake science, it’s crucial to understand regardless of whether the virus is fatal or phony, that the lockdowns and shut downs and mandates for social distancing and masks etc. have no lawful basis.

The widespread notion that governors have special emergency powers which can be invoked as an excuse to suspend the constitutional rights of the people is a hoax and a fraud. Such authority does not exist in Maryland or in any of the other states which have been lawlessly locked down. 

It follows, therefore, that any phased-in, three-step or regional plan for opening is not necessary nor advised.

Any such plan for reopening is just as lawless as the lockdown.


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