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Merry Christmas from your Government

Merry Christmas from your Government

by Jake MacAulay

In this Christmas season I deeply consider giving and…well…shouldn’t we all?  I was taught as a child that to give is better than to receive.  At IOTC we follow the example of our founders: we believe God is above all power, especially Government. God gave you and I an amazing gift called rights - rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - and he set Government to protect those rights.



Government is supposed to be filled with individuals, who like our veterans, are to sacrifice their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to preserve our rights.


The un-Christian view of Government is simple.  The state is Divine, unlimited, and demands worship and obedience to all its Laws made under the authority of itself. It sounds like Caesar Augustus who called on all the world to be taxed.


In America today, our government resembles Caesar rather than our Founders. Let’s take a look at what they have “given” us this Christmas…


Congress joined forces with the White House just four weeks after the American voters unequivocally used their voice to speak out against the policies of President Obama, and what did they join forces to bring us? The gift of a new budget that far exceeds the limitations of Article 1 Sec. 8. of the United States Constitution.


Obama gifted Islamic extremists with direct military and financial support. Congress also signed this Christmas card with a silent concurrence.


Congress and Obama delivered the American citizens hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to provide for.  After America responded with such enthusiasm, Obama used an Executive Order to circumvent the U.S. Constitution, federal law and 50 State Constitutions by giving illegal immigrants amnesty so we could have more new friends and neighbors.  Then America was absolutely “blessed” by the newly elected Congress who voted to fund this new Christmas gift to America.


Congress gave us the gift of “security” when they approved and funded the Obama Intelligence Authorization Act of 2015 granting the Executive Branch unlimited access to the communications of every American without PROBABLE CAUSE.


Time does not permit me to speak of the other wonderful gifts of taxes, excessive spending, bail outs, nationalizing American companies, and criminalizing health-care in America.  All funded by a concurring Congress through continuing resolutions.


Why is our government embracing tyranny, robbing citizens of their God-given rights? Because man has forgotten that there is a God who sent His only Son to redeem mankind. They act as if they are God and fail to acknowledge that the government rests on His shoulders.


God gave his only son as a sacrifice to save His people from their sins. Mary sacrificed her life and her reputation when she said to the angel Gabriel, “let it be so.” It was a capital crime to be pregnant with no husband. Joseph’s reputation as an honorable Israelite was sacrificed when he married pregnant Mary and raised the God Child who would save the world.


Christ came and gave all.  We remember that gift during Christmas and, as Americans, must hold our elected officials accountable to God and our Constitution.