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Memorial Day Patriotism

Memorial Day Patriotism

by Jake MacAulay

What if I asked you “Do you feel Patriotic paying taxes to fund the central government's nationalization of the banks, the insurance industry, the automobile industry, the health care industry, and now local police forces or the use of the American military for unconstitutional and immoral, wasteful wars for empire?”


I am assuming if you are a Patriot, a genuine American of good will, that you would answer, “no”.


What if I told you government's only purpose is to secure your rights.  That’s correct, our government’s purpose and mandate that God has ordained is so limited that all they are to do is protect the rights He has given you. That’s it!  The Declaration of Independence presupposes that all men are created with unalienable rights and that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men.  When the American government executes its God given purpose of limited powers and maximum protection of our God given rights this will produce Patriotism!


Perhaps one of the only examples left of government following this Divine directive is found in the young men and women in our Armed Forces.  As a general rule, they are willing not just to work for the protection of our liberties, but they are willing to die securing them!


We are reminded every year during Memorial Day weekend to honor these men and women, and I do! It is a holy act for any individual to lay down his life in sacrifice for his neighbor.  It is what Christ himself did for you and me.  Our children should be taught, to honor and have respect for those individuals who practice this sacrifice as a way of life.


In light of the Memorial Day observance, we must reflect on the reality that Americans have been robbed of their loved ones who have answered the call to serve and protect our nation but instead are being sent as sheep to the slaughter in unconstitutional wars.  The tragedy is that while we sleep at the proverbial wheel of entertainment and immorality in America we allow our own veterans to be used to aggrandize these bureaucratic institutions.  This is not patriotic.


Wouldn’t it be far better for us to reverence our soldiers’ personal sacrifice by keeping them safe and reeling in big, unconstitutional government actions? This is true Patriotism…


God Bless every American soldier, veteran, and citizen who exercises this Patriotism, our hats our off in memorial to you.