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by Michael Peroutka


In recent days you have heard many opinions regarding the 7 ballot questions which will appear statewide on election day, 2012.  In the next few seconds you will hear one more.


Generally speaking, from a Constitutional standpoint, most ballot question usually represent some government mischief – some lawlessness – that local government either has already done or wants to do and to blame it on you.


The seven questions on the Maryland ballot are no exceptions to this general rule.


Government wants you to approve their dangerous and destructive attempt to redefine marriage.  This action alone displays the breathtaking hubris of the Maryland legislature.  Marriage is defined by God, Himself.  To attempt to redefine something that God has defined is to declare your own divinity.


They also want you to approve their crony, phony redistricting plan.  And they want you to approve of more family-destroying and wealth-destroying gambling.


Two of the ballot questions are aimed at restricting certain positions of authority to lawyers only.  And one question would eliminate due process rights of certain people convicted of certain crimes.


In a way, they have actually made it simple for you and for me.  Every single one of these questions deserves a NO vote.  So we  will be voting NO on question 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7.


Our view is this:  When you get to the part of the ballot where the ballot questions appear, just say no –seven times.


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