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by Michael Peroutka



Unless Mr. Brian Murphy can pull an upset against former

governor Bob Ehrlich in the upcoming republican primary, the

track records of the presumptive major party candidates for

Mary land Governor present a dismal picture for lawful

government in Maryland.


    The highest law that governs Maryland is, of course, God’s Law. Neither Mr. O’Malley nor Mr. Ehrlich, however, have obeyed Biblical limits on civil government though both men profess to be Christians.


Since Mr. Ehrlich and Mr. O'Malley have both held the office of

Maryland Governor, both have had an opportunity to display a

commitment to keeping the sacred oath they took to defend the

Maryland Constitution and the Constitution of these united

States. But, they have not done this.


To the contrary, through their public statements and their official

actions, both Ehrlich and 0 'Malley have shown conclusively

that they will not obey the law of the land.






The first job of government is to protect innocent human life. And no innocents in our state are more vulnerable than the unborn. But, tellingly, neither Mr. O'Malley nor Mr. Ehrlich did anything to stop murder-by-abortion in Maryland. Not once, during the term of either of these men, has an abortionist been

charged with murder.


Regrettably --- and lawlessly --- both men, when Governor, accepted tens of millions of Federal tax dollars to fund education in Maryland despite the fact there is no Constitutional authority for the Federal Government to spend money on education. 



When we go to the polls to elect a governor we are looking for a man who will stand against and protect us from the orgy of lawlessness that is emanating from Washington, DC. We are looking for a leader who understands the limitations that God’s Law and the Constitution places on the central government.


Regrettably, neither Mr. O’Malley nor Mr. Ehrlich are that man.


At IoTC we are inviting all candidates for governor to visit us,

declare their commitment to the true American view of law and government -- the Biblical/Constitutional view --- and explain their plans for following their oath of office if elected. Republican candidate Brian Murphy has accepted our invitation

and so has Mr. Knowles of the Constitution Party who has already secured a place on the November ballot.



We will be reporting to you our progress in determining the Godly/constitutional qualifications of all candidates.


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