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Local Legislator Defends the Unborn with the Law

Local Legislator Defends the Unborn with the Law 

by Jake MacAulay

Just last week Michael Anthony Peroutka, Chairman of the Anne Arundel County Council, introduced Resolution 30-18 recognizing and declaring the humanity of preborn children. The resolution urged the citizens of Anne Arundel County to take all appropriate actions to prevent cruel and inhumane treatment of all human beings, including preborn children, as well as to promote and defend the dignity of all human beings within Anne Arundel County.

When presented with a resolution acknowledging and declaring that children in the womb are human beings, the council voted 4-3 against.

Peroutka then made the statement,

This begs the question… If they don’t think the life inside of the womb is human, then what species do they think it is?

Despite the fact that the humanity of the pre-born was acknowledged by the President of Planned Parenthood more than 20 years ago, why couldn’t Councilmen Grasso, Pruski, Smith and Trumbauer vote for the obvious?

One woman at the meeting made the following observation and statement:

“As a woman, I was stunned by the utter lack of self-government exhibited by female testifiers and their rudely clapping supporters, all opposing Chairman Peroutka’s Resolution 30-18… I fear for the soul of Anne Arundel County. In that moment we indeed moved from a culture of life to a culture of death. I pray for these councilmen to one day realize that on Judgment Day there will be no attorney to defend their vote, nor any jury.  Only sentencing, with no appeal.  Just like abortion.”

The fact that these councilmen betrayed their oath of office and abandoned their God-given duty is appalling to say the least.  To reiterate Mr. Peroutka’s question,

If they don’t believe life inside of the womb is human, then what species do they think it is?

When investigators enter a crime scene, they look for evidence of DNA – a strand of hair or a sample of blood — to prove a person was at the location.

This information can be used in a court of law to link a person to a crime because the DNA of each person is never found in any other person.

And, science has proven the DNA of each person is established at conception and reproduced in every cell thereafter. This means that if the DNA in one cell can prove a specific person was present at the crime scene, then the DNA in one cell can prove a specific person is present in the womb.

Moreover, since the DNA of each person is unique, we know that the DNA of the baby is different from the DNA of the mother.

At no time is the baby part of the mother’s body.

Instead, each person starts life as a delicate new creation in need of their mother’s body for protection and nourishment in order to grow until he or she is strong enough to survive outside the womb.

So, every person is a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind treasure, created for a purpose, to fulfill a mission.

When a person is killed in the womb, then that purpose — that mission — is murdered.  And the world experiences a loss which can never be recovered.

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