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Joshua MacAulay's Speech

Joshua's Speech

If your home is like my home, you have a kitchen where you, among other things, prepare and maybe also eat your meals.


Again, if you are like me, you, of course, stand and walk around on the floor of the kitchen and you don’t try to walk on the ceiling or on any of the walls.  And you don’t try to place, say, a bowl of soup on the wall because it would immediately spill to the floor.


The very idea of trying to operate your kitchen (or for that matter, any other room in your home) in this way, seems silly and stupid.  Imagine trying to sleep in a bed that was placed vertically on the wall or bolted to the ceiling.


The reason this is such a futile thing to contemplate is that when you try to walk on the wall or the ceiling you are clearly and obviously trying to operate as if one of the physical laws of nature did not apply to you.  We call it the law of gravity.


Ignoring the law of gravity or trying to live as if it doesn’t apply to you will only result in injury, chaos and unhappiness.  In short – it’s a mess.


But suppose we don’t believe in gravity.  Suppose there are a lot of us that reject the traditional idea of gravity.  Suppose we all join together and pass a law that says we can walk on the ceiling and live upside down if we choose.


Same result.   We fall to the floor.  We get hurt.

Despite man’s attempt to defy gravity, it is immutable.

Obviously, we can see clearly that the law of gravity, one of the physical laws of the universe, is not within our power to ignore or to repeal.  We really can’t break it without getting broken by it.


This is because gravity is part of God’s creation.  It is the way He made the world.  It is real.  To ignore it is to play “Make-Believe”.


What about the moral laws of the universe?  Do they come from the same lawgiver?  Are they also immutable?


The Founders of America thought they were, and the American legal system is based on the belief that they are.


In the American View, governments are supposed to recognize and to defend God-given rights to life and to liberty and to property.  But when governments try to invent rights, like the “right” to kill your own child, or the “right” to have a job, or the “right” to marry someone of your own sex, isn’t it trying to ignore or repeal the immutable moral law?  Isn’t it trying to walk on the ceiling?


As I watch the unfolding of un-American Political parties where we are actually considering Atheist, anti-christian, sexually perverted, Muslim, and even Socialist candidates in America, I can’t help but think that this is the result of man’s sinful desire to make up his own moral laws. We no longer hear about God-given rights, instead it is now Civil Rights. This of course is a right given by Government that you are entitled to. Things like Healthcare, free citizenship, college education, the ability for a man to compete as a woman and other such madness.


At one time in our history, we looked to God’s Word to determine what was right and wrong.  This was a fixed and certain standard.


Having jettisoned this fixed, objective standard, government tramples our God-given rights and now pretends to issue what it calls “civil rights”.


But “civil rights” are make-believe.  Real rights come from the Creator.


Is it any wonder that we experience chaos and tyranny when we play this dangerous make-believe?


In the Book of Romans, Paul describes a culture that has rejected God’s authority.  He says that they “became vain in their imaginations”.


Summarizing their condition Paul says, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”.


When I see politicians, agenda-driven activists and the talking heads seeking to impose their own agendas on my Country under the phony rubric of “civil rights”, I see people trying to walk on the walls and the ceiling.

No wonder they fall.  No wonder it hurts.


I want the youth of this nation to understand you can’t subjugate a Christian people. They won’t stand for it! A Christian culture will recognize and reject tyranny before tyranny can get a foothold. A Christian people, by virtue of their understanding of God’s creation, their knowledge of history, their comprehension of the divine origin of law, and their assurance of heavenly citizenship, will never suffer earthly leaders who do not speak and act lawfully.


In order, therefore, to subjugate and enslave a Christian people, you must first de-Christianize them. You must remove from the culture that which prevents you from conquering them.


I am grateful for the opportunity to speak publicly with this youth, and of course we continued our dialogue privately to an exceptional conclusion regarding history, understanding, and mutual respect.  I live to change this anti-Christian cultural tide and I hope you do to.