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by Michael Peroutka

Many conservatives are deeply disappointed in the tortured logic of Chief Justice John Roberts in his Obamacare opinion.

They feel betrayed.  They are angry. They expected their conservative hero to stand against the immoral, unconstitutional, lawless tyrant. 

At the risk of making them even more angry, I believe that they got just what they asked for.

Let me explain. 

The problem lies in the false belief that someone who calls himself a conservative  – in this case John Roberts -- is someone who opposes the lawless tyrant.

But he doesn’t.

You see, as it turns out in real life, conservatism is not the opposite of liberalism.  Conservatism is not even a political philosophy.  Properly understood, conservatism is really only a reaction to a political philosophy, and a very weak one at that.

By growling a while but then giving in to the advances of their supposed enemy, Conservatives only solidify the never ending gains of their big government, socialist, liberal brothers. 

At the heart of this deception is the fact that conservatives don’t really take an opposite view from liberals, only a slightly slower path in the same direction and to the same destination. 

If we want something different, it seems to me we need to stop supporting and electing conservatives – or “ConLiberals” or “Conserverals”.  If we want our rights restored, then we’d better start electing God-fearing Constitutionists who are not willing to go along to get along, but rather are willing to sacrifice their own welfare to defend our rights.

This may be hard to face, but didn’t John Roberts prove, once again, that true conservatives are truly liberal?

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