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Is Your Liberty Worth Just $600?

Is Your Liberty Worth Just $600?

by Paul Engel


  • Are the American people selling their rights and liberty for a $600 check?
  • Is the federal government bribing the American people into compliance?
  • What is not just your liberty, but the liberty of your children worth?

There is a story about a man who propositioned a women with $1,000,000 to spend one night with her. She agreed. Then the man acknowledged that he did not have $1,000,000 and asked if she would spend the night with him for just $100? When she asked what kind of woman he thought she was, the man replied, “We both know what kind of woman you are. Now we’re just haggling over price.”

It appears the politicians in Washington, D.C. know what kind of people most American citizens are. Now, they’re just haggling over price.


In the spring of 2020 we started seeing governors and mayors issuing illegal orders to lock down, shut down, and otherwise infringe on the rights of the citizens they’re supposed to serve, under the guise of keeping them safe from a deadly coronavirus. These cities and states did not work alone. Although the federal government did not issue lock down orders directly, they were certainly complicit in stoking the panic and encouraging these types of tyrannical infringements on the rights of the American people. With most Americans unaware of how badly the data was being manipulated and equally unaware of the protections of their rights under the constitutions of their state and the United States, they complied, for the good of their fellow citizens. Little thought appears to have been given to the consequences of these draconian restrictions by those giving the “orders”. However, those who live and work in those areas, especially those who own businesses, quickly understood what was happening: The economy of the states were being crippled. Employees were laid off, people put out of business, all because those in political office thought they knew better how people should deal with this virus and were more than willing to use force to get their way.

Then came the revelations that the panic that started in March was based on false data. Models were programmed with outrageous infection and death rates. Political actors lied about the effectiveness of masks, the death rate, the infection rate, and it seems just about everything else about this virus. There was news that the CDC COVID death rate included those who, while COVID may have been a contributing factor, died from an average of 2.6 other reasons. Then there was the revelation that hospitals would receive higher payouts from Medicaid if they reported a death as a COVID death. While reports of a rising number of COVID infections and deaths were circulated widely, mentions of the fact that the CDC’s own numbers show that the rates of both infections and deaths are in fact very low.

Now we see the cost of government’s overreaction to this coronavirus was not just in dollars. We see the instances of alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, and even suicides climbing during these forced isolations. We see people treated like paroled convicts rather than citizens and where people are being cited, fined, and in some cases arrested for simply going about their lives and injuring no one. We’ve also seen the economy in most sectors destroyed. All to protect us from a virus that the data shows has an average of a 0.06% infection rate and for those who do get the disease, an average survival rate of 98.2%? Most states have issued these draconian measures against their entire population, even though almost 60% of the deaths have been those over the age of 75, 81% over the age of 65, and 96% over the age of 50. In other words, if you’re one of the 0.06% who contract COVID-19, and are under the age of 50, your chances of dying from it, even with the inflated reporting, is only 4%.

Is Your Liberty Worth Just $600?

Now Congress has passed an omnibus spending bill that purports to give every American a check for $600. Forget the fact the United States plans to borrow $900 billion in the name of the American people so they can give them less that $200 billion. (330 million Americans times $600 each equals $198 billion.) Ignore all of the pork being given to favored groups and entities like NASA, the Smithsonian, and the Kennedy Center. So don’t worry about the billions that will go to governments, both foreign and domestic. Millions of Americans are breathlessly waiting for the $600 check. Then President Trump says he won’t sign the spending bill, saying he wants the check to be $2,000.

And what is the purported reason for these “stimulus” checks? To help the American people after their lives were destroyed by these illegal government overreaches. State, city, and local governments have infringed on your rights, destroying your livelihood and in many cases your lives, and now the federal government thinks they can make the boo-boo all better with a $600 band-aid on the compound fracture they help inflict on the nation. Unfortunately, that’s not all. You see the federal government doesn’t make any money, they only take it or borrow it in the name of the American people. Since Washington, D.C. has already spent far more than they collected in taxes this year, they will have to borrow this $900 billion dollars in the name of the American people. Thats rights folks, that $600 check you’re waiting for is actually just a fraction of the $2,727 ($900 billion divided by 300 million Americans) you borrowed to pay it. That’s worse than trying to pay the MasterCard bill with a Visa Card, it’s like going to a loan shark to get money to buy groceries after he stole your wallet. Is this supposed to make us happy?

Let’s be honest, this $600 check, and the $1,200 D.C. sent out earlier this year, are nothing more than a bribe to keep the American public quiet. You’ve been mugged by your cities and states, you’ve had your property, your liberty, and your rights stolen, and the government expects to buy you off with a $600 check that you paid for.

When our Founding Fathers declared these states are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states, they pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Is our liberty worth only $600? Can your rights, and the rights of you children, be bought for just $600? Will the American people pledge nothing to the support of liberty and the freedom of our states? Can you really be bribed, be bought off, or sell your liberty for just $600?


Our governments have propositioned us. They have asked for our servitude in exchange for their protection. (Wait, is that a proposition or a protection racket?) They promised us that if we just obey their rules, they will protect our rights. After all, isn’t that what the Declaration of Independence says is the purpose of governments?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

Declaration of Independence

Yet now the states and federal government say they cannot pay what they’ve promised. They cannot protect our rights, they ignore the laws that have been put in place to govern them, and they cannot even pay their own bills. Now they’re asking if we will continue to be subject to them for just $600. The American people have been swindled. They have been offered protection if they would trade their citizenship to become subjects of all-powerful governments. And for the most part, the American people have agreed. They were bribed with programs, services, and the offers of free stuff. Free retirement, free healthcare, free education, and free provision for the poor. The American people were also bribed with the promise of protection from bad food, bad medicine, poorly built buildings, bad haircuts, bad stores, and even businesses that offend them. Then, when the government thought they knew better, they used the powers they had accumulated not to protect us, but to punish us. And not for something we did, but because they thought they knew better. If anyone opposed them, or in some situations even questioned them, they were further punished because they would not simply shut up and do what they were told. Finally, in an effort to win back the hearts and minds of the American people that these governments have abused, they’re offering us $600 checks.

Governments across this nation have stolen our rights and our liberties, because they thought we were the kind of people who would trade them for a small check. And if the reports I am seeing are any indication, they were right. In short, the politicians knew what kind of people we are: The kind that would trade not just our rights, but the rights of our children, for the offer of a little easy money. Now they’re just haggling over the price.