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Is Islam a Threat to America?

Is Islam a Threat to America?

by Jake MacAulay

We recently moved to the beautiful state of North Carolina – one of the fastest growing states in the nation. My family attended one of the local churches and a guest preacher was speaking about the church’s outreach to the ever-growing populace from all over the nation, and the world. The preacher explained that North Carolina has changed from a small town feel where everyone assumed his or her neighbor attended a church in the Christian faith. Now, people of many faiths, or no faith at all, have flooded the region. This has caused the church to re-evaluate their methods of outreach to the area. It has also caused great concern for North Carolina natives who desire to maintain the Christian value system of their state.


This got me thinking: America was founded by “immigrants.” Since the early 1600’s, America was known as the place where people could go to start a new life with freedom of religion, the liberty to choose your own occupation, and a place of refuge from oppressive governments.


The Mayflower Compact states why the Pilgrims came to America:


In the name of God, Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the Loyal Subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord, King James, by the Grace of God, of England, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, e&. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith, and the Honour of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia…


During the time of our founding, Islam was a major religion in many parts of the world. Therefore, there were numerous Muslims living in America during the time of its founding. Naturally, there was great concern over Muslims taking over America’s Christian value system, especially since America was in a war against Islamic terrorists – the Barbary Powers War – that spanned over the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.


During this critical point in America’s history, we are facing the same thing today.


The difference is how our elected representatives and influential people confronted this critical predicament. While Obama has stated that we are no longer a Christian nation, our founders stated the opposite.


Concerning the fear of Muslims holding high office in America,

Supreme Court Justice James Iredell (nominated to the Court by President Washington) stated:


But it is objected that the people of America may perhaps choose representatives who have no religion at all, and that pagans and Mahometans may be admitted into offices. . . . But it is never to be supposed that the people of America will trust their dearest rights to persons who have no religion at all, or a religion materially different from their own.


Theophilus Parsons (Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts) also affirmed:


No man can wish more ardently than I do that all our public offices may be filled by men who fear God and hate wickedness; but it must remain with the electors to give the government this security.


While the Constitution does not require men to be Christian in order to hold office, the beliefs of our founders’ highly encouraged this…and so did Americans.


John Randolph was a Virginian Congressman during America’s founding. In his early years he held a position "in favor of Mahomedanism” and "rejoiced in all its triumphs over the cross [Christianity]." Francis Scott Key, author of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” befriended Randolph and faithfully shared the Gospel with him. Randolph converted to Christianity and became a strong advocate for the Christian faith. He once stated:


“I am at last reconciled to my God and have assurance of His pardon through faith in Christ, against which the very gates of hell cannot prevail. Fear hath been driven out by perfect love.”


Key shared the Christian faith with many Muslims in America, and even bought them copies of the Bible in Arabic.


Today, in a world of “tolerance” toward anything but Christianity, America is in danger of losing her Virtue unless we, like our founders, uphold the Christian value system and the church obeys the great commission to preach the Gospel to every creature.


Reverend Francis Grimke (1850-1937) once proclaimed,


"If the time comes when America shall go to pieces, it will... [be] from... losing sight of the fact that 'Righteousness exalteth a nation, but that sin is a reproach to any people... Unless we hold... to these great fundamental principles of righteousness, America will be only a covenant with death and an agreement with hell."