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Is America Waging War on Law?

Is America Waging War on Law?

by Jake MacAulay

“America! America!

God shed His grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!”


Does this song describe the America we live in currently, where preachers like Dr. Kent Hovind are being held in prison? Creation scientist Dr. Hovind, often referred to as “Dr. Dino” due to his passion for dinosaurs, has been behind bars in 20 different prisons for over eight years so far — and could remain there for the rest of his life if some prosecutors get their way.


Is America a land where bakers should be charged with discrimination for not doing something?  That’s right, committing a crime by not baking a cake!


March 10 is the date set for the hearing that will announce the size of the fine being imposed on Oregon bakers, Aaron and Melissa Klein. Right now the amount is set at $200,000!


The State's Bureau of Labor and Industries made the claim that in the battle over marriage, their First Amendment rights no longer exist.  The First Amendment guarantees the “Freedom of Religion.”  But apparently in Oregon the freedom to exercise one’s religion by refraining from an action is not a right.


In Roman antiquity, if your religion was not copacetic with pinching some incense to Caesar - in other words, your religious beliefs did not allow performing a “religious act” - you could lose all your property, liberty, and possibly your life.

There are other recent cases too, one involving long-time owners of a church-building-turned-bistro. The Odgaard family, who are Mennonites, were hauled before a civil rights commission for deciding not to host a homosexual ceremony because of their religious beliefs. The government gave them an ultimatum: conform or pay crippling fines.


When I was a child, not that long ago, the song “America the Beautiful” had a great deal of meaning to me.  I was comforted by the fact that God has blessed our country and that all of my neighbors were united with me in gratitude to that providential Hand.  It gave me a sense of security, like growing up in a two-parent home.  There was no crisis or problem we couldn’t overcome in my home, neighborhood, State, or country because we trusted in God who was ready to help us.


Well, I have gotten older and have seen my neighborhood, State, and country take a dangerous turn…a treacherous turn…away from God who gave all Americans their rights.  It has turned so far that many of these institutions I had looked to have now declared war against God.


Warring against God is not new! But it is dangerous and deadly.  As Psalm 2:4 states, “He who is sitting in the heavens doth laugh, the Lord doth mock at them.”


Who can change the source of law? Can a judge? Can a city counsel? A President? Congress?


Let me pose some broader questions. Can we as a country make a law to eliminate sunlight after the 7:00 pm hour in summer?  Can we make a law that causes rocks to float in water?


Of course you and I know these answers by studying the Laws of Nature, mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.  A legislative body that attempts to usurp Nature’s laws will only inherit mockery.


Let’s not leave out the Laws of Nature’s God, also acknowledged by American jurisprudence and referred to in the Declaration of Independence.


William Blackstone, our Founder’s law professor, stated,  “Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation (Bible), depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.”


Do individuals have a right to define marriage?  Does nature or revelation (Bible) teach that a family consists of two fathers and no mother? Or vise-versa?


Please understand, war against Law is war against God - and it is un-American.