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Irregular War

by Michael Peroutka


If your country was under attack in a “regular war”, there are some things you might expect your enemy to try to do. 


For example, you would expect your enemy to try to destroy your cities; making them unsafe places to live and to work. 


You would expect your enemy to commandeer your public information system; using it to disseminate their propaganda. 


Your enemy would also try to disrupt your private communication systems; censoring ideas which oppose their agenda. 


Your enemy would want to cripple your economy and productivity. 


And sow discord among your people.


And infiltrate your government, placing traitors and saboteurs in positions of both national and local authority.  


Your enemy would close your churches and marginalize the clergy and demoralizing your people.


You would expect your enemy to murder as many of your children as they can, training the rest to disrespect and despise their own history and heritage. 


Your enemy would conduct surveillance on your people and impose restrictions on their movement and their assembly.


Ultimately, you would expect your enemy to “fundamentally change” your culture, language, and core beliefs to accommodate and reflect theirs. 


But what you might NOT expect is for your enemy to get you to wreak all this chaos, all of this destruction, all this misery, all this slavery, on yourself. 


This is a war. 

An “irregular war”.

This is not a drill. 


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