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Introducing Institute on the Constitution's New Icon!

Introducing Institute on the Constitution's New Icon!
-and the meaning behind it-
✔ The quill feather pen represents the original writings as all of our courses and materials are created using primary source (original) documents.

✔ The pocket watch shows the date 1776, representing the the year the Declaration of Independence was created, and the year "American View" of law and government was established by our founders:

1. There is a God.
2. Our rights come from Him.
3. The purpose of civil government is to protect and secure our God-given rights.

✔ The pen rests between the 11th and 12th hour, representing how America is in her final hour if we don't re-educate ourselves and restore our constitutional republic.

✔ The quill pen dips into the metaphorical "time ink", calling all those who respond to study our founding documents, and take action to restore them.
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