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Hillary Clinton new book and DELUSIONAL America

Hillary Clinton new book and DELUSIONAL America

by Michael Peroutka

In a September 20, 2017 piece in the “THE WEEK” Magazine regarding Hillary Clinton’s efforts to promote her book about why she lost the election, columnist and talk show host Edward Morrisey discussed Hillary’s continuing efforts to have the election invalidated and overturned.

Among other things he said that her actions are “…delusional”.

This got me to thinking about the implications and consequences of “delusional”.

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines delusional as “a misleading of the mind…an error or mistake proceeding from false views.”

And while we might enjoy pointing the finger at Hillary, we might want to consider that Americans just might be the most delusional people in the world.

And our delusions are dangerous:

Delusion #1: That we could form our government acknowledging that God is the Source of our rights and our law, then steadily ignore Him for generations, and expect to prosper.

Delusion #2: That, for the sake of our own convenience, we could murder sixty million of our preborn children and call it “legal”.

Delusion #3: That we could attempt to redefine marriage (or gender) – which God has already defined in His Word – and not suffer the deadly consequences of disobedience.

And did we think that we could, for generations, spend trillions of dollars we did not have, with no consequences?

America, we can point our finger and claim “delusional”, so long as we are facing a mirror.

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