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Guns Are Not the Problem


The Framers of our Bill of Rights believed that the right to self-defense, and the defense of loved ones, is an essential element of God’s created order.


The recently reported shootings at a Virginia Walmart and a Colorado nightclub provide the latest excuse for fraudulent and foolish voices grandstanding for gun control.


But it also provides the opportunity to demonstrate that guns do not cause violence and that any infringement on the ability of the populace to own or carry firearms is foolish and dangerous.


Consider the TV images.  What do we see at each of these crime scenes without exception?


We see scores of police, often in SWAT gear, rushing to the scene, brandishing what?


Brandishing what?


Guns, that's what.


Think about the logical implication of this obvious fact.


The first responders to these emergency situations, whether local police, state police, or other law enforcement, all show up with guns, lots of guns.  Why do they do that?


If guns were the problem, then why bring guns to a place where there already is a problem?  And why doesn't the presence of more guns -- many more guns -- make the situation worse?


Clearly, these first responders don’t view guns as the problem. To the contrary, they hold the professional opinion that guns are the solution to the problem.


Shouldn’t we take their professional advice and carry “solutions” with us everywhere we go?


This is Michael Anthony Peroutka, for Institute on the Constitution, bringing you The American View.