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by Michael Peroutka


Look, I know you don’t need one more example of out of control government, but have you heard about what’s being called the “Obamaphone”?


Did you realize that state and federal governments are using your tax dollars to give free phones and phone service to welfare recipients?


We are 14 trillion dollars in debt, and your government rolling out yet another unconstitutional - that is to say unlawful - that is to say criminal - scheme to buy votes.


And while the federal government continues the bailouts and the bungling, we hear nothing from our State officials about standing up for our liberties.


Instead, our governor and our legislators and our courts and the whole gaggle of bureaucrats seem either oblivious to the criminality of Washington, DC, or complicit in it. 


When asked what he would do to protect Marylanders from unconstitutional actions on the part of Congress, Governor Martin O’Malley acted as if he didn’t comprehend the question.  The idea that anything unconstitutional would ever come out of Washington seemed completely foreign to him.  Needless to say, his allegiance doesn’t seem to be with us. 


And the early reports from the Maryland General Assembly seem to be dominated by more and more schemes to pick our pockets rather than to protect our rights.


There is an emergency in Maryland but no urgency in Annapolis to do anything about it.


Dear Maryland Senators and Delgates:  Please don’t brag to us about whatever laws you are enacting.  We’d rather have a full report on what laws you are repealing, and who you are impeaching, and what you are doing to interposeyourself between our families and the criminality in Washington, DC.


Thomas Jefferson:  If you can get cell service, phone your office…


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