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by Michael Peroutka


For the last few years it has been my great pleasure to bring you these commentaries on The American View of law and government. 

Today’s commentary will be the final one I will be bringing to you…at least for now.

But I’m not retiring or stopping or even slowing down in any way.  At the Institute on the Constitution, I plan to continue producing brief commentaries in video form which you can access through our website at  You can also receive them on a regular basis by sending me an email at and asking me to send them to you along with our biweekly internet newsletter.


I hope you will remember and consider the principles and standards we have discussed here and I hope you will apply them as you live your private and your public life. 

Our goal at Institute on the Constitution is to reinvigorate the culture with the American View of Law and Government.

As we have discussed many times, this view, which provides the foundation of American law can be summarized as follows:

  • There is a God.
  • Our rights come from Him.
  • The purpose of government is to secure these God-given rights.

If we can relearn these principles and live out these standards, we can restore the American Constitutional Republic.


I want to thank WCBM including my good friends Nick Mangione, Sean Casey, Frank Luber and Marc Beaven for their encouragement and support.


I also want to deeply and sincerely thank you for listening and for learning and living liberty.




This was MAP for IOTC brining you TAV.