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by Michael Peroutka

The Constitution is not a self-enforcing document.  The words of the document will not leap off the page and validate themselves.  If the Constitution is to be kept alive, someone must do the enforcing.

“But Michael,” you say, “isn’t that what government officials are supposed to do?”


Government officials are only a part of the constitutional equation, and they are much the smaller part.

The greater part -- the real enforcers -- are the states and you, the people, the heirs of the document. 

But how do we enforce it?

The States’ duty is to interpose themselves between their citizens and a central government bent on tyranny. 

“But Michael”, you correctly point out, “long ago the states have been rendered dumb and toothless dogs against the national government.”

So what can you do?  Well, simply put, you must stake a claim.  You cannot remain silent because silence implies consent.  When the federal government oversteps your rights, you must resist.  Ultimately armed resistance is the last and most desperate means of resistance, but in the meantime, there is much you can do and much you can learn about what can be done. 

For one thing, you can refuse to be the helper of the tyrant when others are engaging in lawful, honest resistance.  In fact there are many ways that you can help other Americans against the tyrant.

To learn about the many strategies and options available to the States and to the people, I strongly urge you to go to and get yourself a copy of the US Constitution Course and the Duty of the Jury Course published by the Institute on the Constitution.

Get educated.  Get involved.  Resist the tyrant.

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