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Emails, Crimes, FBI, and the Truth

Emails, Crimes, FBI, and the Truth

by Jake MacAulay

After repeating Hillary Clinton’s crimes, FBI Director James Comey told us that no “reasonable” prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton for emails and dropped the previous case against her.


Last Friday, Director Comey notified Congress that he was reopening the case against Clinton after discovering over 10,000 emails on the joint-use laptop of Anthony and Huma Abedin-Weiner. This investigation may be detrimental to Clinton as she continues her run for presidency.


Comey said that he learned of the new information on Thursday and felt “obligated” to write congressional investigators to inform them about the new truths.


This got me thinking about the whole idea of truth.


What is the essence of truth? What is “the truth”? Where does the truth come from and how do you know it when it is told to you?


For example, some people believe beyond a shadow of a doubt Hillary Clinton is, in fact, guilty of crimes against the American people; that she will deliver a final blow to our American Republic with open borders, gun confiscation, and global accountability. That is their truth.


Others believe that Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, who will destroy America by being a racist, sexist, xenophobe.


My point here is that whatever (or whoever) you may blithely accept as the source of truth is going to determine your opinion and guide your actions.


You may think that the way you feel is the source of truth; or you may think that if you saw it on TV or heard it from your professor or pastor, it must be the truth. Perhaps the government is the source of your truth.


But if your source is false, then your judgments and your actions are doomed to result in error, failure and chaos.


The historic, iconic and most popular figure in history, Jesus Christ, made this resolute statement: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Later the bible notes that “Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”


Acknowledging the God of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as the source of truth, our American founders were able to construct a government where law and truth were unchangeable, reliable and just.


You see, justice is not lost with emails or personality defects alone. It is lost because our legislatures, governors, judges and presidents have rejected God’s Word as the source of truth.


To maintain liberty as an American people we must authoritatively affirm with the founders of this tremendously success experiment we call American exceptionalism; that there is a Creator, our rights come from Him alone, and the only purpose of civil government is to obey God’s truth and secure our God-given rights.