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Dr. Bob Jones III, Chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC

Dr. Bob Jones III, Chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC

by Michael Peroutka

When my children were in their middle school years, I had the great privilege of homeschooling them.  This was a wonderful and gratifying experience.  But this would not have been possible except for the excellent textbooks and materials published by Bob Jones University Press in Greenville, South Carolina.


Hi this is MAP for IOTC, and as a lover of learning and a former homeschool parent, I am thrilled to invite you to come and meet Dr. Bob Jones. Chancellor of Bob Jones University. 


Dr. Jones will be our features speaker at our upcoming FF event on April 6th.  Dr. Bob Jones is a true pioneer in Christian education and his talk is titled: “All Education Is Brainwashing; It’s Just A Matter Of What You Want Your Brain Washed With.” 


The event will be held at 7 pm at Heritage Community Church in Severn, MD with doors opening at 6:30.  As always the event is free but we ask that you RSVP to 866 739 9796, that’s 866 730 9796 or register online at that’s


You will enjoy this evening with Dr. Jones, as he shares with us his thoughts and expertise from his life’s work in the area of Christian education.


If we’re not careful, we just might learn something.






Dr. Jones attended Bob Jones Academy and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bob Jones University.  He took additional graduate work at Northwestern University and New York University, and holds honorary doctorates from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna, Minn.; San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary in California; and Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown, Wis. He has served in numerous capacities at Bob Jones University, including that of speech teacher, Assistant Dean of Men, Assistant to the President, and Vice President.  In 1971 Dr. Jones was appointed President, serving in that office for 34 years.  Retired from the presidency in May 2005 and elected Chancellor, he remains the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Each year the Bible-believing minister receives more requests than he is able to fill for evangelistic campaigns, youth rallies and other religious gatherings.  His speaking engagements have taken him to all parts of the world, and he has conducted tours to the Holy Land and Europe.  An accomplished actor, Dr. Jones performs regularly in Shakespearean productions presented by the internationally recognized BJU Classic Players.  He has also played several dramatic roles in Christian films produced by the University’s motion-picture unit, Unusual Films.

In connection with the University’s tax case before the U.S. Supreme Court, he appeared on such national TV programs as “Nightline” and “Good Morning America” on ABC-TV, Multimedia’s “Donahue” program, “The MacNeil/Lehrer Report” on PBS, and “Freeman Reports” on Turner Broadcasting’s Cable News Network. In recognition of Dr. Jones’s interest in and friendship to the State of South Carolina and her people, Governor David Beasley presented him with the state’s highest civilian award, “The Order of the Palmetto.”  This was presented in conjunction with the University’s 70th year celebration and 50th year in Greenville.

Dr. Jones is President of the Board of Directors of the Gospel Fellowship Association and its Mission Board.  He is Chairman of the International Testimony to an Infallible Bible, which is an ad hoc committee of the World Congress of Fundamentalists.  He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery, Inc., which houses one of the most prestigious collections of religious art in America, with 30 galleries containing over 400 paintings by the Old Masters. He and his wife, Beneth, have three children.