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Do you have a Biblical World View?

Where do you fit? Where would you classify yourself? Want to find out where you really are, so that you can know where you need improvement?

  • Biblical Theism
  • Moderate Christian
  • Secular Humanism
  • Socialism


Our nation was created under a Biblical World View, yet today most people, even most who call themselves Christians don’t have a Biblical world view.

Year after year we have observed the world around becoming more self- interested, more violent and more immoral. A great majority of youth from Christian homes are steadily moving away from our Judeo-Christian worldview heritage in favor of Secularism and now dipping into Socialism. What was considered unacceptable just 50 years ago in society, is now not only being tolerated, it is being promoted.

It will be Christendom or Communism in America, it’s that simple.

Our friends at Nehemiah Institute has been conducting worldview testing with Christian schools in America for 30+ years. Year after year they have observed results worsening. Last fall a traditional Christian school with 22 seniors took the PEERS test which resulted in a Composite Score of -7 (scale of +100 to -100), which ranked them in the Socialism worldview category. You can only imagine the scores of public school students

Based on PEERS results of the past several years, we must say- America is moving rapidly into a Post-Christian era. This worldview trend for youth will not change unless their parents, their schools, and most important, their churches begin teaching and living by a mature biblical worldview.

To that end, we have designed a new platform for primary use of PEERS within churches. This platform is called Worldview Checkup. Worldview Checkup has these features:

1- Instant worldview Scorecard including a printout of test questions showing the individual’s answers.

2- Results are strictly confidential.

3- Teaching Papers (biblical studies) included as PDFs on most critical test statements, accessible with simple click on a test item.

4- Easy access to follow-up training materials.

PEERS is an acronym standing for Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues. Over 125,000 tests have been taken by high school age youth from over 1,000 Christian schools and other Christian organizations. By answering 70 test items (14 from each category) PEERS ranks the individual into one of four basic worldview categories:

  • Biblical Theism
  • Moderate Christian
  • Secular Humanism
  • Socialism

Based on 30+ years of test results, PEERS testing shows that the majority of youth from Christian homes are abandoning a Christian worldview (Biblical Theism) if favor of a Secular worldview if not a Socialist worldview. When PEERS testing was launched in the 1980s, the majority of youth from Christian homes scored in either the Moderate Christian worldview or Biblical Theism worldview. Today, that same demographic shows over 90% of Christian youth scoring in the Secular Humanism category (using exact same questions) and less than 3% scoring in Biblical Theism.


If we can use Worldview Checkup to substantially move church members to embrace a mature biblical worldview, they are likely to have conviction to change views on several things, especially change where they are having their kids educated.

Average score of adults in evangelical churches over the last three years was 44.6, (on scale of +100 to -100) the lower half of the Moderate Christian worldview. Average score of youth from Christian homes was 19.8. A mature biblical worldview is demonstrated with scores in the 70-100 range. We are losing the next generation.

This is arguably the single greatest problem facing the Church in America today!

The purpose of this site is to offer the PEERS Test to parents and all adults in local churches to have their own personal Worldview Checkup. Restoring our youth to a mature biblical worldview position will require that parents and church leaders first believe and live in the Biblical Theism category themselves.

The new platform provides an easy and quick way to get a checkup on your worldview position. With use of any computer device, you can get an instant PEERS Scorecard plus instant access to high quality Position Papers on the most frequently missed PEERS items..

The full PEERS test, and Position Papers, are available here only for low cost of $17.76 per person. Use this Ambassador Code AMB118  and receive a 15% discount. 

These are ideal for individual use or group studies.