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by Michael Peroutka


The verdict in the trial of Casey Anthony caused a very strident reaction among the media talking heads.  Casey Anthony, you may recall, was found NOT GUILTY of the murder of her daughter.  It seemed clear that many media figures were very distressed by this since they had been pronouncing her guilty on their TV and radio shows for weeks. 

The Jury obviously didn’t agree with the media managers.

As a result many in the media and some lawmakers in Florida are clamoring to pass more laws that they believe would make juries more compliant with their view.

Is this really wise?

What is the job of the jury?  If a jury result makes the media or most of the population mad, does that mean it is not just?

What is the standard for justice?  Where does it come from and how do we know if it is applied properly?

What is the true role and authority of the jury and how would we know if they really did their job?

Here at the IOTC we care about these questions and that is why we present a course of study designed to help citizens understand and appreciate the role and function of the American jury.

By studying the history and purpose of juries and jury duty, we all become better, more informed, citizens and, consequently our rights become more secure and our communities become better places to live and to raise our children.

Our jury course and our other courses of study are held in Pasadena, MD and are now forming classes for the fall semester. 

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