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Boehner Out Ryan In, Where is Liberty?

Boehner Out Ryan In, Where is Liberty?

by Jake MacAulay

Many of you know by now that Rep. John Boehner passed the speaker’s gavel to Rep. Paul Ryan this past Thursday and resigned his post in Congress.


In a Fox News exit interview Mr. Boehner was asked if he had to choose between passing comprehensive immigration reform, repealing Obamacare, or achieving the “Grand Bargain” (Obama’s promise to compromise on entitlement reform), Boehner answered without hesitation.


 “The ‘Grand Bargain’ by far,” he said. “It would have really meant a lot for our economy. It would have put our entitlement programs on a stronger foundation — no question.”


I wonder what “foundation” the former speaker was referring to.  It certainly couldn’t be the “foundation” of the United States Constitution, since Article 1, Section 8, clearly lays out the lawful authority delegated to Congress.


 “Specific” welfare (as opposed to general welfare), or “entitlement programs” as the speaker calls them, are NOT found there.


“I played a role in a fight that’s been going on for over 200 years — over the appropriate size, scope and cost of government, he said. “But I began to realize over the years that there’s no winning this fight.”


How can you win a boxing match at Caesars Palace when you show up at Wimbledon with your tennis racket? It’s the wrong venue and the wrong purpose! Wimbledon is not for boxing and tennis is not fighting and being complicit in Lawlessness is not what his oath demanded of him? 


In his book titled “What I Saw in America, G.K. Chesterton wrote the following:


We are perpetually being told in the papers that what is wanted is a great man who will do things.  What is wanted is a great man who will undo things; and that will be a real test of greatness.


You see the Declaration of Independence personifies American character and in that document Americans declared acts of King George to be null and void.  These acts were referred to by our founders as “pretended legislation”.  In other words, the acts of King George were not law because they were not lawful.  That is to say, there was no foundation on which they could stand since they violated the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. 


In light of this, I believe a more fitting line of questions for former speaker, Boenher, would be: What pretended legislation did you repeal?  What lawless officials did you impeach?  What burdensome and oppressive regulations did you erase?


A review of Boenher’s disappointing record would reveal multiple examples of his failure to uphold the standards required by his oath.  Specifically, that oath requires him to acknowledge and obey the Laws of Nature’s God and the limits of the Constitution. 


And we need to look no further than his recent complicity in increasing the national debt to TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS in order to ascertain his total and systematic abandonment of both.

Boehner’s resignation is not the disappointment. The disappointment is that the spirited contest of preserving American liberty has not and is not being fought.