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by Michael Peroutka

We have just lost a true Christian Constitutional champion.  Just after noontime on July 26, 2011 I learned of the death of my great friend Representative Bobby Franklin of Marietta, GA.

Although I have spent a great part of my life speaking and educating about what we call THE AMERICAN VIEW of law and liberty and civil government, as a member of the Georgia legislature, Bobby Franklin was a man who was “walking the walk” — putting into practice the Biblical worldview of the Founders of America and the Framers of our state and federal constitutions.

Very recently, during a break in his legislative agenda, Bobby spent ten days here in Maryland with our staff, helping us to complete the materials for our new IOTC course on the subject of the Duty of the Jury.

Bobby was a stalwart defender of the Christian Faith and a battle-tested promoter of the need to restore the Constitutional Republic through the reinvigoration of the Christian principles of the founding. He was a true pro-life activist who understood that any legislative effort that ends with “…and then you can kill the baby” is not truly pro-life legislation.

Bobby was a hero to the pro-life movement because he understood the importance of Godly principles and was willing to stand on them and take the consequences.

During his last days with us — almost the last days of his life — I asked him if we could feature some stories on our new website that would demonstrate how he had applied The American View on his work in the Georgia legislature. On the very day that the first story was to appear on the website, we learned of his death. It was intended to be the first of a series. Now we want to do this series more than ever.  We want to tell you Bobby’s story and we want to bring you examples of other legislators across the country who are cognizant of and committed to the true American View. We will dedicate the series to Bobby’s memory and hope that it will serve as an inspiration for others to stand the way Bobby stood.

He stood bravely for the Honor of God, the defense of the Family and the Restoration of the American Constitutional Republic.

We love you, Bobby Franklin. We miss you already. We commit ourselves to honor your memory.

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