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Are Homosexual Unions Valid?

Are Homosexual Unions Valid?

by Jake MacAulay

A common question of many American youth today is, what is marriage?  Well, in order to find the meaning we must consult the Creator of marriage. 


That Creator is the Person the Declaration of Independence refers to as Nature’s God, the Author of all human rights and the laws that protect those rights. God clearly created and defined marriage when He created the first man and woman. So what were a man and woman capable of that two men together were not? This explanation is found in what thousands of years of civilization has sanctioned.  Marriage between a man and a woman, is codified with the statement in the book of Genesis,  “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Family: a man, woman and the fruit of their union - children - is at the center of the world we live in.


In the New Testament, Jesus Christ along with Paul, the most notable New Testament teacher, reaffirmed this exact definition of marriage.


But, Jake, the Supreme Court has redefined marriage.  This notion that the creation can tell the Creator what is right and wrong is symptomatic of unconstitutional government arrogance that “We the People” in America have been working to correct.


You see the Biblical, American view of Government is that the people, to secure our God-given rights, create governments, including the Supreme Court.  A court’s job is not to create new rights for certain individual groups whose conduct does not square with what God has defined as morally wrong.  That would put our Laws, our Government, and our American society against the Creator of our rights.


We must understand the Supreme Court is not a law-making body like Congress; they are referees who apply the rules, the law.  Just as a referee’s opinion of the rules in a game has no bearing on the rules themselves, so the opinion of 5 Justices on marriage has no bearing on the legal definition of marriage.  Furthermore, just because Congress writes a law does not make it Law.  For example, we may lobby and campaign to outlaw gravity because it clearly discriminates against every living being, white, black, male, female or otherwise.  Let’s say we succeed and enact it into American jurisprudence and law. Will this change the consequences of breaking the law of gravity?


Just as our founding documents look to the God of the Bible as the source of individual rights, so it defaults to the Bible for the definition of the right we call marriage.


Americans please realize there are consequences if we embrace this perverted redefinition of the word marriage given to us by the Supreme Court.


Founding Father John Adams stated, [I]t is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue, and I add not Supreme Court Opinions.