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After Another Week of COVID, Do You Still Feel Free?

After Another Week of COVID, Do You Still Feel Free?

by Dominic MacAulay

Last week, Donald Trump made an abrupt departure from his “conservative” rhetoric and joined with Congress to sign the most massive multi-trillion dollar socialist scheme in history.


Many have scoured at Democrats who attempted to cram a wish list of unrelated demands into the COVID-19 economic relief bill, but the point is he signed it and now the government is unconstitutionally “giving” American businesses money that it has printed or stolen by fiat from those same businesses.


Rather than the aforementioned actions of our federal government, the completely doable AND constitutional means to recover from this crisis would be to:

  • Immediately suspend the collection of withheld taxes as well as estimated taxes.
  • Rebate to taxpayers all payments made by them so far for the tax year 2020.
  • Rebate to every taxpayer the amount of taxes paid in 2019.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already calling for another huge relief package and Presidential hopeful Joe Biden told George Stephanopoulos this weekend,

Were going to need not only the last CARES Act that the Congress passed, which did a great deal. We're going to need at least two more iterations of that, I believe, to help the economy.”


While men like House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn are telling their Democratic colleagues that the current COVID crisis is "a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision."


Tragically, my concern about the ravaging effects of COVID and how it may impact my own family is being rivaled by my worry for our country and the behavior of my government.


At the same time, more and more we are hearing from doctors and other health professionals questioning whether the dangers of the coronavirus have been overstated and that the reaction to it has been overblown.


As we struggle to separate the emotions from the issues and parse our way through the political agendas of the presenters, we seem to be facing a question that we heard posed to Americans during the Vietnam era.


Are we going to destroy the village in order to save it?”


Let me put it this way: which of these two options would you choose?


Would you like to have your livelihood, your liberty, your peace of mind, your Constitutional government, and have a chance of getting a virus that you will almost certainly survive?




Would you like to have your livelihood destroyed, a loss of liberties you now enjoy, live under executive privileges of governors or presidents, and a chance of getting a virus that you will almost certainly survive?


John Adams warned, There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”


Make no mistake, the virus will pass, we will be healthy again, and back to business.


But will our liberties be as vibrant when we return?