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by Michael Peroutka


In a recent commentary, I labeled Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan as “actors” because they are selling the illusion that they have a different political philosophy than the current regime in the White House.

In support of this, I pointed out that Paul Ryan has voted for a long list of “welfare state” programs that violate the Constitution.

And I pointed out that his running mate, Mr. Romney, has been cited as the virtual inventor of Obamacare.

I received a number of emails, some containing strident language, complaining that I was very wrong to say that Mr. Ryan had voted for Obamacare.  To the contrary, I was informed, Mr. Ryan has voted many times to repeal Obamacare.

Actually, this is just the sort of illusion that makes Mr. Ryan such a good actor.

You see, while it is true that Paul Ryan has voted in favor of some very well publicized efforts to repeal Obamacare (which have failed), at the same time he has voted for the continued funding of its implementation (which has succeeded and is continuing).


Apparently, he is not so devoted to the demise of this immoral, unconstitutional, tyrannical scheme that he would cut off its funding.

I called these men “actors” because they are trying to sell themselves as our saviors from oppression when their records demonstrate that they are, in fact, partners with our oppressors.

Would you agree that voting for repeal of a program with the right hand, while voting for the continued funding of the program with the left hand, illustrates this point?

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