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A Shutdown Leads to Limited Government

A Shutdown Leads to Limited Government

by Jake MacAulay

I am sure you have been made aware of the recent great news for limited government. The U.S. government has closed for business for the 19 time since 1976.


It appears Divine Providence has given the American people a rest from many current regulations of their liberties.


Why should this make you happy? Because, government and their parasitical bureaucracies have often strangled, suffocated, and murdered priceless, divinely born rights.


Let me explain. Imagine that you recently contracted with the security company BIGOV to employ a guard to secure your estate and possessions.  You give specific directives that are specifically written out in a Constitution signed by the company and yourself. With your unalienable rights and possessions secured, you take an extended business trip to acquire new opportunities for your personal enterprise.  By much labor and exertion you successfully secure the opportunities you sought and are delighted to return to the security of your personal residence, your private property.


When you arrive, you find all of your priceless family heirlooms have been sold and in their place are new BIGOV articles of propaganda.  Your personal office, living room, and bedrooms have become occupied by BIGOV security officers who quickly escort you out of the home into your son’s tree fort where you notice 3 or 4 of your belongings necessary for living.  Before the agents leave your new residence, they inform you that all the locks have been changed on your doors, and that the security company and its many subsidiary agencies have claimed your assets. However, for an annual fee, they have made them available to you.  In order to continue to protect you, they make you aware of the personal tracking system they have placed in your BIGOV issued cell phone.  Lastly, you are informed of a daily updated list regulating acceptable uses of your former assets that you now rent.


Shocked into astonishment and perplexed your new reality, your only source of relief would be found by BIGOV taking a day, a week, or a month off.


Now, imagine that a group of 56 of your neighbors, relatives, friends, and strangers alike banded together and made sure that BIGOV never came back to work but instead replaced them with GOV-UNDERGOD?


Knowing the Divine Author of our rights never takes a day off, this would be a major game-changer.  In justification of their actions, one of these 56 men, John Adams, emphatically declared that our rights are “…antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.”


Now the Great Legislator has written in stone the rules that keep our rights protected. We understand them as The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  Now GOV-UNDERGOD has been obligated by the benevolent hand of Providence to be a guard of our individual rights, enforcing the The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God and never taking a day off.


So while our BIGOV is currently scrambling trying to figure out how to open again for business, as Americans, let’s sign our names to a Declaration requiring from among ourselves the return of GOV-UNDERGOD.